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Watt Toolkit Guide

Watt Toolkit Guide

🛠️"Watt Toolkit" is an open source cross-platform multi-purpose Steam toolkit. (formerly steam++)

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Network Acceleration

Make the Steam community, Github, Google reCAPTCHA, Pixiv, Discord, Twitch and other domestic hard-to-access pages accessible properly. Functions similar to Steamcommunity 302, using Titanium-Web-Proxy open source project for local anti-generation.

Script Configuration

Some JS scripts are injected into web pages through an acceleration service that intercepts web requests, providing functionality similar to that of a web plugin

Account Switch

Switch between Steam accounts that are already logged in on the current PC with one click, and manage features such as sorting your home shared library.

Inventory Management

Lets you manage your Steam game inventory directly, not only by downloading older Steam games, but also by managing Steam game achievements directly, supporting unlocked achievements and unlocked achievements.

Local Authentication

Let your cell phone token unified save in the computer, currently only support Steam token, later will develop support more token types with cloud synchronization token.


Integration with ArchiSteamFarm provides functions such as hanging and dropping Steam Collectible Cards within the app.

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